Member for Manly, James Griffin has welcomed his appointment as the Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change and the Shadow Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government.

Mr Griffin said he is eager to hold the Government to account in these extremely important portfolios.

“I will be drawing on my experience as the former Minister for Environment and Heritage as I monitor the Government’s response to managing our economic transition to net-zero and the associated challenge of providing affordable and reliable energy for households and businesses across NSW.

“A secure and reliable power supply is essential to keep the lights on and the commercial and industrial sectors operating competitively,” Mr Griffin said.

“Customer Service and Digital Government was dramatically transformed under the previous Coalition government.

“I will be closely monitoring the new Government’s performance in these service areas to ensure the good work of the former Government is not lost,” he said.

The Opposition is focussed on developing policies that support families in the face of cost-of-living pressures and support seniors in their retirement.

Mr Griffin said the Opposition will support small businesses to grow and create jobs, create more cohesive communities, empower women and invest in our cities and regions by fighting for the infrastructure and services our State needs.

“We will provide the strong and respectful leadership that’s required to deliver for the people of NSW and to keep the new Government to account, while giving the people of New South Wales the choice of an alternative government at the next election.

Mr Griffin said, “The Liberal values of opportunity, freedom, aspiration and reward for initiative are timeless and underpin the prosperity and well-being of us all.”