Blue Plaques

The Blue Plaques program aims to capture public interest and fascination in key personalities, events and places that are important to the stories of NSW.

This recently announced NSW Government program fosters curiosity in our heritage by recognising the places, personalities and major events that matter to communities.

The Blue Plaques will recognise key sites and encourage people to explore their neighbourhood and other parts of NSW, connecting with the amazing people and stories that have shaped our state. The plaques will bring many of these histories and stories alive and engender a shared sense of belonging, identity and connection. In a post-COVID world, focusing on our local communities and nearby surroundings has never been more important.

About the program

“Behind every plaque, there is a story.”

The essence of the Blue Plaques program is the storytelling. A digital story will be linked to each plaque.

We are looking for stories that are interesting, fun, quirky along with more sombre stories that should be not be forgotten as part of our history. The Blue Plaques will be inclusive of all cultures.

We are looking any inspiring and important stories that connect us with places and events involving for example (but not limited to):

  • Aboriginal people, heritage, culture
  • early European settlement
  • migrant heritage
  • social movements and change
  • wartime history
  • industrial advancements
  • arts and culture
  • sport
  • historic events that have shaped the story of your area and NSW
  • and stories of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things (your local heroes)

How to nominate a Blue Plaque

For the first stage of this program, the Hon. Don Harwin MLC, Special Minister of State has invited all Members of Parliament (MP) and Members of the Legislative Council (MLC) to consult with their constituents across NSW to nominate people, events and stories associated with a place to be considered for Blue Plaques.

  • MP nomination form - Please complete and email to my Electorate office 'Manly @'

Following this first stage, an open public nominations process is expected to be announced in 2022. If you would like to receive a notification closer to the time, please email us to join the mailing list.

In the meantime if you have more ideas for Blue Plaques, we encourage you to talk to others in your neighbourhood and local community about:

  • who are the colourful, creative, innovative individuals who shaped your region?
  • what are the stories that the people of NSW should hear?
  • what important historical events happened in your local area?
  • what is the interesting backstory about the person, group or event relating to the plaque?
  • where could the plaque be placed? (Must be a publicly visible and safe position.)
  • who else do you need to consult about telling the story?
  • whose permission would you need to install a plaque at that location?
  • is the building or structure heritage listed? (Check here. The place does not need to be heritage-listed, however if it is, heritage approvals may be needed to install the plaque).

More information

The Blue Plaques program is part of a $5 million heritage engagement program funded by the NSW Government. Heritage NSW administers this program. This new initiative is inspired by Blue Plaques program in the UK.

Information provided in the Blue Plaques MP nomination form will be used by the NSW Government for the purposes of reviewing all nominations and may be used to contact property owners and verify information sources.

If you have any enquiries or wish to join the mailing list, contact us at [email protected]