Correspondence and Email Policy

Before sending correspondence or an email to the Office of James Griffin MP, please ensure you are familiar with the following policy:

  • The Manly Electorate Office receive a large volume of postal and email correspondence, and not all correspondence requires a response.
  • We aim to provide acknowledgement of receipt of correspondence as soon as is reasonably and feasibly possible. 
  • There may be occasions where we will forward the issues you raise and your comments to the relevant Minister, Department or agency for their attention.
  • We do not typically respond to correspondence where the Member for Manly is not the primary recipient, but marked as carbon copy (i.e. CC), or blind copy (i.e. BCC).
  • We typically only respond to correspondence where the Member is the primary recipient.
  • We will delete unsolicited advertisements without response.
  • We will forward any correspondence containing threatening content or advocating illegal activities to the Police.
  • We will not respond to correspondence containing offensive language or content.
  • Your correspondence may be used for statistical reporting purposes.