Don't Wait. Vaccinate - Northern Beaches Community Campaign

End the lockdowns, keep safe, get vaccinated.

Our quickest pathway back to normality, is by getting vaccinated. 

Using the current national 7 day average, we will have open international borders on around the 4th of Jan 2022. Lets get there quicker.

To quote the Premier, "Let August be the month that we break records in vaccinations because that is our ticket to freedom,"

Download the images and illustrations via this link

Why now?

The faster we go, the more chance of freedom we have on the 28th of August, and beyond.

From early August there will be a significant improvement in vaccine accessibility. This is for three reasons:

  • Many Pharmacies throughout the Northern Beaches will commence administering vaccinations
  • in addition, our state government facilities commencing vaccination for any consenting adult over 18
  • the online booking system will be improved.

These options are in addition to the GP network. 

The addition of Pharmacies, in parallel to an increase in vaccination supply presents a moment in time to ramp up communications around the importance of, and how to, get vaccinated.

What can I do to help?

This will require a whole-of-community approach. Your family and friends trust you. You can:

  • download and share artwork that you like on social media
  • encourage people to speak to their GP, pharmacist of health professional about getting vaccinated.

Please share the artwork via social media, print one off, email it around. Whatever you think will help spread this important message.

Use the hashtag #GetBackToWhatWeLove and tag me so I can share your post.

To access all the artwork and imagery CLICK HERE

A few weeks ago, for the first time in a long time, I felt a sense of relief and joy.

Getting vaccinated made me feel more ‘in control’ than at any time during this whole sorry episode. Knowing I was helping to keep my family and friends safe was empowering beyond words. These were not the usual set of emotions after having a needle stuck in my arm by a Nurse.

There is nowhere left for fear mongers and anti-vaxxers to run. The data and overseas experience is clear when it comes to getting vaccinated, either with Pfizer or AZ. Our pathway out of this is to get vaccinated. Booking in for vaccination at your GP, Health Clinic or mass vaccination centre may still be a challenge for some, but for anyone sitting on the fence about getting vaccinated, or for those of you wanting to feel empowered and be a part of the solution as we hit a particularly low point in this pandemic, I can tell you that getting vaccinated is a sure fire way to achieve a sense of doing your bit.

What is this about?

I’ve created a collection of different artworks, unique to our community, to help spread the message and encourage people to get vaccinated, and make it clear how they can do so. 

We see why vaccination matters in nations around the world.  Millions of vaccinated people are living their lives as they did before.  Businesses are reopening and hiring, economic growth is on the rebound, and people can see their loves ones again.

The incentives are clear, and so is the message. Do it now — for yourself, the people you care about, for your neighbourhood, and for the Northern Beaches.

Example one is below: