Former Manly Hospital Site

Manly Hospital Site Vision:

"A vibrant health and wellbeing sanctuary which welcomes and supports the needs of the local and wider community, achieved through innovation and balance."

Following the closure of Manly Hospital in 2018, the NSW Government has worked closely with the Northern Beaches Council and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to consider future uses for the site. The Department has consulted NSW Health throughout this process to ensure future uses complement the development of the Adolescent & Young Adult Hospice, which now occupies a portion of the site.

From August to September 2019, the NSW Government undertook a period of community consultation to ensure that the redevelopment of the site delivered a health and wellbeing precinct that took into account the views of the local community. Further community feedback was sought during July and September 2020 to identify key themes to incorporate into the planning process. 

In 2021, an expression of interest (EOI) campaign was launched to identify a project delivery partner to help establish a formal master plan which will be informed by the community's views and developed in close consultation with State and local government. This is to ensure the redevelopment meets the needs of the Northern Beaches and greater Sydney metropolitan area. 

Following this EOI campaign, Property and Development NSW (PDNSW) undertook a Request for Detailed Proposal (RFDP) with shortlisted respondents, with submissions closing in May 2022. As it stands, the evaluation of this RFDP is ongoing. 

Once the RFDP has been evaluated, a successful project partner will be identified to work alongside government to develop the formal master plan. The community will have an opportunity to provide further feedback on this.

In August 2023, PDNSW submitted an amended planning proposal with the Northern Beaches Council for the site to help realise the community's vision for the health and wellbeing precinct. The proposal seeks to expand the range of health, wellbeing and related uses permitted on the site under the existing health services facility zoning.

In February 2024, the council referred the amended planning proposal to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) for review and assessment.

As this planning proposal progresses, the Request for Detailed Proposal (RFDP) will continue to be evaluated to identify a successful project delivery partner to assist with the development of the formal master plan. This plan will include controls which manage height, bulk, and scale, as well as requirements relating to environmental and heritage matters. 

The following Guiding Principles have been developed by the Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC), members comprising representatives from the local community, Local Health District, Northern Beaches Council and the Member for Manly James Griffin, to investigate future opportunities for the site:

  • The community will have continuing access to the Site for socialisation / recreational activities and use of public and private services.
  • The rainforest area of the Site will be permanently reserved.
  • The services developed on the Site will contribute to the health, wellbeing and care of the Community.
  • The services provided from the Site will address a defined community need for which there are tangible and ongoing social benefits.
  • A diverse range of services and partnerships will be pursued which leverage the greatest collective value for the community. 
  • The services and infrastructure proposals for the Site must demonstrate financial sustainability.

The below concept plan has been developed in the early stages of planning and could be considered to inform submissions during the consultation period:

No. The entire site will remain in public ownership.

For further information on the Manly Health and Wellbeing Precinct, contact Property and Development NSW at [email protected]