Petition Launched to Further Protect Cabbage Tree Bay

Member for Manly James Griffin has taken action in protecting the iconic Cabbage Tree Bay Marine Environment as he calls for regulation changes to the marine protection zone around the area. Following continued damage to rare seagrass habitats due to boat anchoring, Mr Griffin is calling on public support to amend the current aquatic reserve regulations at Cabbage Tree Bay to provide better protections.

Mr Griffin said action was needed to protect the precious but fragile ecosystems that have served as a diving and snorkelling draw card to people across Sydney.

“The issue we are finding is important sea grass is being ripped up by anchors of boaters unaware of the potential damage they are causing.” Mr Griffin said.

Currently the regulation of Cabbage Tree Bay Marine Sanctuary allows boats to anchor in the bay for safe haven in areas where this is no seagrass. The grass, which typically grows at no deeper than 8 meters below surface, is often inadvertently destroyed by boat anchors as day trippers stop by on sunny days.

“I am seeking community support to extend the marine sanctuary further around the bay to Blue Fish Point and amend the regulation making it clear that anchoring is prohibited in the bay area where sea grass exists,” Mr Griffin Said.

“The NSW Government has previously sought public consultation on a plan to extend the Marine Sanctuary in 2019 and received clear feedback for the need to protect the bay and strike the balance between boat users and swimmers alike. It’s time we put that into action.”

Mr Griffin has launched an online petition this week on the back of the NSW Government funded Seaweed Forest Festival that began on Thursday 8 April, championing the importance of marine plant life in supporting the environment. Events will be held throughout the month of April to raise awareness of the loss seaweed and seagrass habitats and the impacts this has on broader sea life.

“The Seaweed Forest Festival project, highlights the importance of the marine environment to our community and as Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment I want to make sure our community is heard on this issue.”

For more information on the proposed changes and to sign the petition please visit James Griffin MP