Member for Manly James Griffin MP and Manly Ward councillors have today urged Northern Beaches Council to do the right thing by the people of Manly and save the Hop Skip Jump bus.

James Griffin MP said this morning: “The Hop Skip Jump bus service is a lifeline to many in our community. Manly does the heavy lifting when it comes to driving the Northern Beaches economy, more than offsetting the cost of the Hop Skip Jump service. Removing this service would be a huge blow to our less mobile residents who use the bus to stay engaged in the community. The Hop Skip Jump bus has become an integral part of our community that is relied upon by so many”.

“The Hop Skip Jump bus is small enough to go where larger State funded buses cannot go and provides an important link for many in our community”. Mr Griffin said.

The motion to be debated at tonight’s meeting seeks to scrap the service if it cannot become profitable by September leaving the many Manly residents who use the service without transport.

Deputy Mayor Candy Bingham said “This service has become the heart of the community and is not just a community bus, but a community on wheels. Of course we need to review the operational costs of the service but the benefits to the community always must be a priority”.

Councillor Ryburn said “The Hop Skip Jump bus is an essential service for Manly Ward residents. It services areas of our community that other buses do not reach and increases the safety for our residents”.

“Whether that’s our kids getting to and from school or our senior residents getting to and from the shops, we should be encouraging more people to use the service not getting rid of it” Councillor Ryburn said.

Councillor Grattan said “The Hop Skip Jump bus is a service that is relied upon by many in our community, including the most vulnerable parts – our elderly, our children, our less able residents. Manly residents not only patronise this service – but they love it and trust it. Trust it to carry their children to school and activities; to take them and their shopping back home again; to enable people to live car free where car parking is impossible and to access services that are out of reach when relying on TfNSW buses”.