Liberal Member for Manly, James Griffin says it’s time for the Minns Labor Government to support the Opposition’s efforts to address domestic and family violence and improve women’s safety.

Mr Griffin said, “The NSW Liberals today introduced legislation in the Parliament to progress commonsense proposals to strengthen bail laws in NSW.”

“Since the NSW Labor Government blocked our attempt to strengthen bail laws on Tuesday we have seen more reported cases of domestic violence against women – this is unacceptable.”

“If the NSW Labor Government does not present their bail reforms to the Parliament next week, the Opposition will again move to have our Bill debated and progressed,” Mr Griffin said.

The Government’s response to violence against women needs to be holistic and far broader than just bail reform, but bail reform now is an important start.

“People across our local community are looking to Chris Minns and wanting him to take action,” Mr Griffin said.

“It’s clear that the time to act is now."

“We understand this – why doesn’t the Labor Government?"

“Our changes that strengthen bail laws, build on our work in government, including the single largest funding commitment ever made to the domestic violence sector, and nation-leading laws to criminalise coercive control in intimate partner relationships.”

“I’m proud to be part of a team that will continue to work constructively and put forward proposals that are in the best interests of the people of our electorate and in our state,” Mr Griffin concluded.