Manly Electorate Invited to have their say on Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation

Member for Manly, James Griffin is calling for residents of the Manly electorate to have their say on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill which is expected to be tabled in the NSW Legislative Assembly later this year.

In 2017, NSW would have become the first Australian jurisdiction to legislate Voluntary Assisted Dying, but the bill failed to pass in the Upper House by one vote. Whilst the Bill was not voted on in the Legislative Assembly, Mr Griffin was supportive of the Bill.

The 2021 Bill would create a legal framework to provide for, and regulate access to, voluntary assisted dying for persons in NSW with a terminal illness.

The proposed Bill would make it legal for adults who are diagnosed with a terminal illness that will cause death within six months, or 12 months for neurodegenerative conditions, and who are experiencing suffering as a result of the condition that cannot be tolerably relieved will be able to access voluntary assisted dying.

“Representing the views of my community is of paramount importance to me as their elected Member of Parliament. I recognise for many in the community, this area of public policy is deeply personal and often evokes strong emotions,” Mr Griffin said.

“For these reasons, I am reaching out to everyone across the electorate, seeking their opinion and thoughts on the Bill. The views will help shape the position I take, as their local Member of Parliament, when the time comes for the Bill to be debated and voted on.”

Mr Griffin said there are a number of ways you can have your say on the Bill:

  • Take the online poll on James Griffin MP’s website:

James Griffin MP

2/2 Wentworth Street

Manly, NSW, 2095

“Please be assured that your views and any correspondence sent to me will be

treated as strictly confidential. I would like to thank everyone who has already taken

a moment to complete the survey.”

A draft copy of the legislation can be downloaded via my website and there is a Frequently Asked Questions section: