Maths Trains Brains Campaign Launches With New Ambassadors

Students and parents in Manly are being encouraged to embrace maths through the NSW Maths Strategy 2021 campaign.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the more opportunities we have for students to learn about the ways maths can impact their everyday lives, the more engaged they’ll be.

“We’re using the hashtag #MathsTrainsBrains and, in partnership with our Ambassadors, we are aiming to reach a wide audience to show students the importance of maths in their lives and careers both now and in the future.”

“Mathematics is so important, and this campaign encourages everyone from students to parents and carers to engage with mathematics.”

Ms Mitchell joined Maths Ambassadors Michael O'Loughlin, Professor Nalini Joshi and Dr Matt Agnew to launch the 2021 Maths Trains Brains campaign, aimed at driving interest and engagement with mathematics.

AFL legend and GO Foundation cofounder Michael O’Loughlin said education and a strong mathematics understanding is crucial for young people.

“I’m a parent and advocate for empowering young Indigenous students through education. Mathematics opens doorways to success for students,” Mr O’Loughlin said.

Esteemed mathematician and the University of Sydney’s first female Professor of Mathematics, Professor Nalini Joshi said mathematics was essential for students’ understanding of new ideas and judging whether they are based on evidence.  

“In the same way that learning to read as a child shapes how we communicate in our adult lives, learning how to do mathematics leads to rhythms in the way we think,” Professor Joshi said.

“I am extremely pleased to be involved in this program, by helping to communicate and show to students, parents and carers that mathematics is an essential skill we need to thrive in our fast changing, technologically sophisticated society.”

Astrophysicist, engineer and author Dr Matt Agnew has been involved in teaching students mathematics for several years, and is passionate about helping to reverse the falling interest in mathematics by students.

“Mathematical understanding and confidence is critically important to one's confidence in and understanding of the world around us,” Dr Agnew said.

“Mathematics is everywhere and mastering it will help our students succeed in anything they choose to do.”

Parents and carers can visit the Everyday Maths Hub  curated by NSW mathematics teachers, to engage with their children on mathematics in everyday life.