Northern Beaches bus reforms

The NSW Government will invite the world’s leading public transport operators from across Australia and the world to bid for contracts for 13 of Sydney’s bus contract regions over the next two years.

This includes contracts covering the three remaining State Transit operated regions, including STA Region 8 which covers the lower North Shore and Northern Beaches.

To further improve the standard of bus services across Sydney, including on the lower North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Bus patronage has increased by more than 50 per cent over the past six years in metropolitan Sydney and we need to address this increasing demand as a matter of urgency.

Under these bus reforms, Sydney’s ageing diesel powered bus fleet will be replaced by electric vehicles, additional services will be delivered and innovative on demand options will be expanded.

Yes. There will be more services with more buses running more often.

Services will also improve, with a mix of services that cater to customers’ needs such as B Line-style, high frequency services on major commuter routes and frequent direct options such as on-demand services for short, local trips.

The Government will also deliver a turn-up-and-go service between Dee Why and Chatswood, with a bus every ten minutes in the peak.

No bus drivers will lose their jobs. There will be jobs for all bus drivers and all maintenance staff and their jobs will be guaranteed for two years.

These staff will transfer with all their accrued entitlements such as annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, superannuation and three year travel pass.

The new operators are not due to commence operation until mid-2021.

It will be business as usual in the meantime with State Transit continuing to deliver quality services to customers, with no changes to timetables or service delivery.

Yes. The Government will continue to own the buses and other assets such as depots.

Yes. The Government will continue to regulate timetables, routes, bus stops, and strict safety and service standards.

Yes. Fares will continue to be set by the Government, just as they are today.

Passengers will also continue to use their Opal cards as they currently do and concessions will be protected.  This is the case for all public and private bus services that run across NSW.

Earlier this year, the NSW Government introduced the $50 Opal weekly travel cap, saving tens of thousands of regular public transport users up to $686 a year. The concession cap was also lowered from $31.60 to $25 a week.