Tourism & Economic Recovery Taskforce


In June 2020 the Member for Manly James Griffin established the Manly Tourism & Economic Recovery Taskforce. In order to recover and capitalise on the opportunities presented by these unprecedented times, a collection of community leaders and stakeholders will bring together their expertise to provide actionable recommendations.


The Taskforce will focus on re-opening the local economy and leveraging the opportunities to “do things differently” post COVID-19 in order to build a stronger, more resilient Manly.

The Taskforce will form recommendations across a variety of focus areas and work in parallel with other agencies and consult widely with multiple stakeholders, including business leaders, industry experts and trade associations to support a multi-faceted recovery. These recommendations will be for short, medium and long-term economic recovery in the Manly area, including creating industry partnerships and policy considerations to accelerate a diversification of the local economy.


Community members, businesses, organisations and agencies are encouraged to provide feedback through our dedicated portal here. Emails and attachments can continue to be submitted to [email protected]