Member for Manly, James Griffin has welcomed NSW Budget allocations to the electorate but is disappointed well-deserving projects appear to have been overlooked.


More than $6.5 million has been allocated towards the upgrade of Manly Wharf 3 to increase capacity and access for commuters and visitors.


Mr Griffin said, “This was a Coalition Government initiative, which I am pleased to see the current government see through to its completion.

“The upgrade of Manly Wharf 3 complements the introduction of Opal discounts on Manly Fast Ferries from 1 October.


“I have been pushing for the discounts to help households battling cost-of-living rises. Commuters travelling 40 weeks over a 12-month period to Sydney’s CBD could save around $2,000 a year thanks to the Opal cap,” Mr Griffin said.


Meanwhile, $16.480 million has been allocated for the return of the Freshwater-class ferries, ensuring a broad choice of travel for both regular commuters and tourists.


“I welcome $5.466 million for the ongoing upgrade of the Manly Village Public School and $399,000 towards major new works to address the shortage of social housing,“  Mr Griffin said.


Whilst not specific to the Manly electorate, these projects will benefit constituents:


  • $4.7 Billion over four years for the western Harbour Tunnel Upgrade
  • $1.3 billion to complete the Warringah Freeway Upgrade
  • $669.8 million for statewide mental health infrastructure program


Mr Griffin said, “The budget has also included nearly $21.5 million for the North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant, Biosolids Amplification and $746,000 towards the ongoing development of Australia’s first Adolescent and Young Adults Hospice on the former Manly Hospital site.


“However, I am disappointed the Budget does not include funding for local road or public transport projects especially given the axing of Beaches Link Tunnel.”


“Finally, there is one project I will not give up on until I see it included in the Budget Papers. It is  not included this year and so I will campaign to ensure it is included next year, and that is the upgrade of the Northern Beaches Secondary College Balgowlah Boys Campus


“Labor has cut funding as far as the eye can see across the state, but I will continue to advocate for the needs of our wonderful electorate through ongoing strong representations on your behalf,” Mr Griffin said.