Community Feedback Delivers Better Bus Services

Customers in North Balgowlah will enjoy faster and more direct services to the city with the reintroduction of the 168X bus services from 11 July, and local roads should become less congested

Member for Manly, James Griffin said he had lobbied hard for service changes to address concerns from residents about the frequency of the new 172X bus service and congestion in and around local streets.

“The 172X is a full time service operating seven days a week between Warringah Mall and the city via North Balgowlah and Seaforth.”

Mr Griffin said, “To help reduce the number of 172X buses operating in certain local streets, such as Urunga Street, the 168X will be reinstated, operating via Bangaroo Street and Brook Road during peak periods.

“Additionally, some 172X journeys will start from Wakehurst Parkway during the busiest part of the weekday morning peak, while two 172X trips will finish at Wakehurst Parkway in the busiest hour of the afternoon peak. Fewer articulated – or ‘bendy’ – buses will also be used on route 172X services operating via Urunga Street,” Mr Griffin said.

“While the number of 172X services, operating via Urunga Street will be reduced, the combined frequency of routes 168X and 172X will maintain the overall service levels for customers travelling from Seaforth towards the city.

“In a further change, customers in Balgowlah Heights will receive direct bus services to the city with the reintroduction of 171X services during weekday peak periods. There will also be adjustments to some route 162 services between Seaforth and Manly, to support the reintroduction of route 171X and to improve connections with ferries at Manly during the afternoon peak periods.”

Mr Griffin said, “The departure time of school route 707n between Balgowlah Heights and North Sydney will also be changed in the morning peak, to operate 15 minutes later than at present, to improve accessibility for local students.

“The NSW Government has listened to community feedback concerning their local bus services and I am pleased to have added my support so the services better meet community expectations,” Mr Griffin concluded.

Details of the North Balgowlah service changes are now available online. Customers are encouraged to check the changes with Transport for NSW’s Trip Planner from next Sunday, 27 June. For more information, visit