Latest Bus Update

Transport for NSW has released proposed bus route changes for the North Balgowlah area following ongoing work with the community and Member for Manly James Griffin. The route adjustments, including the reinstatement of the 168X service, have been released for public consultation following initial public response to changes made earlier this year.

The route changes will reduce the peak hour traffic pressure on local streets like Urunga Street while maintaining the same overall service delivery to customers. This plan was made in close consultation with residents from the Urunga Street area, representing some of the concerns of the broader area.

The proposed changes include:

  • Reducing number of buses operating on Urunga Street to 5 during the morning and afternoon peaks in both directions
  • Two 172X services commencing on the Wakehurst Parkway to accommodate reduced Urunga Street pressure while maintaining services to the city
  • Reintroduction of the 168X via Bangaroo Street and Brook Road during peak periods

“I appreciate this has been a long journey for many residents who were left unhappy by the changes made to their local bus service,” Mr Griffin said.

“This plan is open to public consultation until May 14th and I encourage locals to jump on to the transport website and provide their feedback.”

For more information please go to and feedback can be sent to [email protected]