More than $1.6 million in annual savings could be stripped from local families and the local community if the NSW Labor Government continues to sit on the fence over the future of the Active Kids Voucher program.

Member for Manly, James Griffin said 16,549 vouchers were created in the Manly Electorate in 2022, meaning thousands of local families had more money in their pockets without having to sacrifice their child’s weekend sport.

“I know how important the Active Kids voucher program has been for our families, helping keep kids onto the sporting field through a cost-of-living crisis,” Mr Griffin said.

“Thousands of kids will enjoy sporting fields this weekend thanks to these vouchers, and the on-field activities must continue.

“We have asked the Government to commit to continuing these vouchers but so far, we have received no guarantees,” Mr Griffin said.

“What is most disappointing about the Government’s stance, is that it doesn’t seem to recognise the negative impact these cuts would have on our volunteer-run sporting clubs.

“Last year, Manly Electorate soccer clubs alone benefitted from more than $380,000 worth of vouchers. Taking such an injection of funds away from these clubs would be devastating,” Mr Griffin said.

“Ultimately, the cost would have to be met by those who can least afford it – young families, many of whom have a mortgage.

“These families simply can’t afford the additional cost right now, and I’m concerned that kids will just miss out.”

Mr Griffin is asking community members to join the fight to save the vouchers, by signing the SAVE ACTIVE KIDS petition.



Vouchers Created Since 2018 = 74,176

Vouchers Created in 2022 = 16,549

Population Uptake in 2022 was 82% (of eligible population)

Gender Breakdown in 2022 was 49% Female, 51% Male


Top Female Activities and Vouchers Created in 2022

  1. Soccer 1,437
  2. Swimming 959
  3. Dance 957
  4. Netball 790
  5. Gymnastics 428
  6. Active Recreation 361
  7. Tennis 357
  8. Surf Life Saving 204
  9. Hockey 156
  10. Basketball 144


Top Male Activities and Vouchers Created in 2022

  1. Soccer 2,392
  2. Swimming 863
  3. Cricket 579
  4. Basketball 485
  5. Rugby Union 426
  6. Tennis 420
  7. AFL 357
  8. Surf Life Saving 261
  9. Active Recreation 226
  10. Rugby League 216