James Griffin MP has encouraged Manly to mark R U OK? Day by appealing for everyone to start a conversation with the people around them and ask, ‘R U OK?’.

R U OK? Day is Thursday, 14th September, an annual National Day of Action and a
reminder that every day is the day to check in with your friends, family and colleagues.
Mr Griffin said it was important to let people in our neighbourhood know that you’re
there to listen, because a conversation could change a life.
“This day raises awareness for one simply question that can save a life - are you okay?
This question starts a conversation, but we must genuinely listen to what comes next.
We want to remind those struggling, that they are not alone. There are people around
them who care. People who want to listen. People intent on offering help and support”,
Mr Griffin said.
“I urge all Australians to start a conversation and ask, ‘R U OK?’ Sometimes it’s those
with the biggest smile who are struggling the most, something we won’t know without
checking in. Let’s work together to keep the light shining.”
Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Medical Research, Robyn Preston said
research has found that more than four in five people who engaged in a meaningful
conversation, felt better about managing their situation, having talked it through and
felt supported, heard and safe, during the conversation.
“While we are reminded of this question each year, we should care about our mental
health and well-being every day. Disasters such as bush fires, floods and the pandemic
can be triggers for our state of mind. With the cost of living increasing, housing
affordability and the challenges of an aging population we are seeing more and more
pressure being added to already stressful situations,” Ms Preston said.
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